Manual Administrative Approval…

…is now required to join this BMS-Archive.
This is due to people registering with abusive and offensive names, using Disposable Email Addresses (Spammers) and trying to circumvent the login system.

Your account will be approved by an Administrator as soon as one logs in.
Trying to log-in prior will result in my SiteBot banning you automatically for a random period of time.


The Rules When Registering:

  • email address must be valid
  • email address must not be a D.E.A (Disposable Email Address)
  • username mustn’t be rude
  • One account per Hostname/IP address.
  • You must read the page at this address >>> to understand why your account is manually approved



Please fill in the fields below ↓






Things you might want to know:

Email Addresses : Only i have access to these and frankly, I don't care for them. I just want you to be a genuine user without malicious intent and such.
De-Registration Policies : Send me an Email and I will manually delete your account.
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